Part or Score Movement and Measure Correction
Score and Percussion I, II, III, and IV The score never indicates cymbal choices. Although it's generally obvious, the first movement is considerably crisper in sound when a stick is used with a suspended cymbal versus traditional crash cymbals.
Score I, m.24 Flute 2 is missing a tie between beats 2 and 3.
Score I, m.74 Ambiguous marking; the solo is in clarinet 2.
Score and Trumpet 2 I, m.139 Not entirely errata, but an observation.Trumpet 1 and 3 are senza sord., but trumpet 2 is muted. The score reminds trumpet 2 at m.135 to be muted, but it seems odd that two thirds of the trumpets would be open on a unison line.
Score and Percussion I, m.139 Not entirely errata, but an observation. There is no crash cymbal hit on beat 1, but the orchestral version and the recording by the North Texas Wind Symphony includes it.
Score I, m.172 The bells rhythm is difficult to read. It should be an eighth rest, two sixteenth notes on 'G', and an eighth note 'G' on beat 2.
Score and Bassoon II, m.40 Missing crescendo found in both baritone and bass parts.
Score and Alto Sax 1 II, m.83 In the alto clarinet cue, the last eighth note should be an E and not a C#.
Percussion II, m.85 Instrument is ambiguous; it should be triangle, not snare drum.
Flute 1 II, m.107 Key change is missing to E major.
Score and Bassoon II, m.172 Missing articulation on beat 1 — should be staccato and accent.
Clarinet 2 III, m.4 Clarinet 2 has an incorrect tie. Both halves of the measures should have phrase marks, but not ties.
Score III, m.24 Trombone 1 & 2 is missing a slur from the "e" of beat 4 to beat 5. The part is correct.
Tuba III, m.24 The tuba part has an extra eighth note; the score is correct.
Tuba III, m.25 Missing time change to 4/4.
Percussion IV, m.175 Measure marking 175 is located in the incorrect location.
Score and Percussion IV, mm.175-176 Not entirely errata, but an observation.A soft stick roll to a hard stick attack is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Two player are required, or it might be easier to simply have the roll be with sticks as well.