Here is an errata list for the MTI version of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

Part or Score Song Number, Measure Correction
Score 1, m. 3 The score says “first time only”, but there is no repeat at all.
Score 4, m.63 The snare drum roll ends on beat three, not four. The percussion book is correct.
Score, Percussion 6, m.1 Ambiguous marking; the hi-hat roll begins on the word "spell".
Score 9, m.27 The saxophone is tacet here.
Score 12, mm.14-15 The half-step cello slide is missing from beat four to beat one.
Reed 12, mm.88-91 The Flute trill is missing in the reed book.
Percussion 12, m.101 Cymbal roll starting on beat two is missing.