This past semester, our principal proposed the idea of switching from a traditional bell schedule (six classes per day, 55 minutes, with one additional 80 minute block period) to a block schedule. While several colleagues teach large ensemble courses on a 4x4 block successfully, peers that are on an A/B block have seen serious negative effects to their band programs due to a lack of instructional time – 1,800 minutes per year – and daily repetition.

During my fact-finding mission, I came across several schools in and out of Georgia that use a hybrid block schedule. Knowing my principal was keen on leaving the traditional schedule, and after speaking to colleagues who enjoyed the hybrid block schedule over a traditional schedule, I used the below presentation to share why I believe this would best serve all students at Centennial.

My hope is that this proposal will help other music teachers advocate for a hybrid schedule on behalf of their students and community. If I can help at all, or if you have questions, feel free to shoot me an email.